Vegetable Cheese Rice Pancakes

Vegetable Cheese Rice Pancakes

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Sometimes looking at the leftover rice, is it impossible to start?
Throwing away is too wasteful! In 2017, the National Grain Administration released data that about 35 million tons of food was wasted outside the table in China each year. 3,500 tons! What a huge number, and right here is the rice that you and I wasted. Have you ever thought about how many children from war countries can be saved by this meal?
Then eat the next meal? It tastes so hard that I can't swallow it.
Egg scrambled eggs? The child is tired of eating.

So, the mothers are about to ask, how to make the leftover rice delicious and nutritious? Let’s make a leftover meal transformation today, whether it’s rice or pasta, the baby will like it. Similar to rice pizza, it is simply "the nemesis of leftover rice"! "


Vegetable Cheese Rice Pancakes

1. Beat the eggs, add 40 grams of water and mix well.

Vegetable Cheese Rice Pancakes recipe

2. Add flour and stir to make a batter.

Vegetable Cheese Rice Pancakes recipe

3. Add rice and stir well. This rice is cooked by a ratio of millet and rice.

Vegetable Cheese Rice Pancakes recipe

4. Shred zucchini, shred carrots, and shredded. The advantage of shredding is that it can help the cake not easily fall apart.

Vegetable Cheese Rice Pancakes recipe

5. Add some oil to the pan, add edamame and carrots and stir fry. Carrots are fried to make it easier to absorb carotene. So put it early~

Vegetable Cheese Rice Pancakes recipe

6. Stir fry for 1 minute, pour in all the batter, and cover the edamame and carrots evenly.

Vegetable Cheese Rice Pancakes recipe

7. Turn on low heat, cover the pot, turn over after one minute.

Vegetable Cheese Rice Pancakes recipe

8. Sprinkle diced zucchini and add a slice of cheese after turning it over. There is no such cheese slice, baby cheese or mozzarella will do.

Vegetable Cheese Rice Pancakes recipe

9. Put the lid on and let the heat on for 1 minute until the cheese slices melt.

Vegetable Cheese Rice Pancakes recipe

10. It's out of the pot. There are rice and noodles, and vegetables and cheese. For those who like meat, you can also fry the meat in advance and add it with the cheese at the end.

Vegetable Cheese Rice Pancakes recipe

11. It's tempting, and I feel very full. You can make breakfast or snacks. .

Vegetable Cheese Rice Pancakes recipe

12. While using the leftover rice, more dietary fiber and calcium are also obtained. The water in the batter is transferred to the rice, so that the leftover rice becomes no longer dry and hard, while maintaining elasticity. The taste contrasts with the batter and vegetables.

Vegetable Cheese Rice Pancakes recipe



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