Vegetable Curry

Vegetable Curry

by Vivien ah heart

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On weekends at home, it’s smashed and smashed, and after looking at the dishes at home, it’s a curry stew with vegetables! Delicious and delicious~ Girls who love beauty can also try it, a good way to maintain a figure in summer~ As I am super vegetarian, all of them are vegetables here, you can change them according to your own preferences~ Look at the following steps, but The step by step is very clear and very simple. Everyone has to be patient and follow along~ Delicious is waiting for you!


How to make it

1. The first step, of course, is to prepare all the ingredients~ Wash and clean, cut into dice and set aside

Vegetable Curry recipe

2. Pour the oil into the pot, add the minced garlic and onion and stir-fry until fragrant

Vegetable Curry recipe

3. Add potatoes and tomatoes, stir fry, then pour in the cabbage

Vegetable Curry recipe

4. Add water and simmer until the potatoes are crispy

Vegetable Curry recipe

5. Pay attention when simmering, pay attention to whether the water is boiled dry, add water appropriately, until the potatoes are crispy, at this time they will start to smell~

Vegetable Curry recipe

6. The next step is to start the seasoning, add the right amount of curry, here I use the curry powder brought back from Thailand, I also use this drop for the curry chicken at home. Of course, ordinary curry is fine. Everyone is entangled here.

Vegetable Curry recipe

7. After mixing the curry powder, add coconut milk. The coconut milk here is also brought back from Thailand, but some ordinary supermarkets buy it. Here I use 65ml. You can change it according to your taste. Pour the green leafy vegetables in

Vegetable Curry recipe

8. Finally, top with lemon juice and then cut the lemon into pieces together! Finally, add salt and sugar to taste. I want to talk about it here. I suggest that you adjust some starch water to make a paste after cooking. I didn't add it here. The appearance is not so good, but the taste is still great.

Vegetable Curry recipe


This method can be changed in many ways, such as curry fish fillets, curry chicken nuggets, etc. You can use the same steps to control the time to make different dishes according to your preferences!

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