Vegetable Egg Dumplings

Vegetable Egg Dumplings

by Meimeijia's Kitchen

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Childhood lack of material and need a lot of meat-filled egg dumplings, it’s not something you can afford to eat, but when you come to customers, my mother doesn’t want to make much, so a bowl of golden and fragrant egg dumplings is on the table. Let the children watch drooling, but it is specially prepared for the guests. Where do we dare to eat with our own tempers, parents also know that we are greedy, and often give us one first, then a small egg dumpling, It even hooked out all the children's gluttons. It's simply that the more you eat, the more greedy.

Remember that New Year's Eve, grandma looked at us who were greedy and kindly asked us what we wanted to eat? My brothers and I always yell in unison: "I want to eat an egg roll!" For us at that time, egg dumplings were the "deliciousness in the world" that we could remember for a whole year.

There were childhood scenes in my mind. Grandma was making omelets while telling us stories, while we were sitting around the flaming stove, listening to the stories, and expecting the omelets to come out of the pot. Soon, the fragrant egg roll came out, looking at the golden color, I couldn't restrain my drooling! You can taste the tenderness of eggs, the freshness of pork, and the fragrance of green onion with just one bite. That afternoon, the three of us ate red, round belly, and hiccups...

After years, the most beautiful and sweetest New Year memory is the grandma's egg rolls. The golden color is a rare rare in the world!
To make egg dumplings with onion fragrant, it is best to use small earthen eggs. The earthen eggs are golden in color and fried into omelets to make dumplings. The color is more beautiful and the fragrance is stronger. Add some chopped green onion, and the aroma of the egg mixture immediately overflows when it enters the pot. Just smelling it makes people appetite.


Vegetable Egg Dumplings

1. Egg spare

Vegetable Egg Dumplings recipe

2. Wash the vegetables of various colors, drain the water and set aside (the vegetables are actually very random, you can't see them in the package, I'm just playing with them)

Vegetable Egg Dumplings recipe

3. Cut the vegetables into small pieces, add some water, put them in a food processor to puree, filter out the juice, add the remaining residues to the meat, beat them into meat and adjust the flavor for later use

Vegetable Egg Dumplings recipe

4. Put all the vegetable residues and meat into the cooking machine, beat them into meat fillings and adjust the flavor for later use

Vegetable Egg Dumplings recipe

5. Beat the eggs in a bowl, use chopsticks to quickly break up the egg liquid in one direction, add a little salt, and stir well.

Vegetable Egg Dumplings recipe

6. Put a non-stick pan on an electric ceramic stove, heat the oil to 80% hot, scoop a spoonful of egg liquid with a spoon, and slowly pour it into the pan

Vegetable Egg Dumplings recipe

7. Turn the pan gently to make the shape of the omelet more beautiful. When the egg liquid is slightly solidified and the surface is a little fluid, pick up a tuft of filling and place it on the side of the omelet. Place a spatula on the omelet with meat filling. Next, gently turn over, wrap the meat filling, close the mouth down, and fry a little to make the shape

Vegetable Egg Dumplings recipe

8. Grill the finished dumplings on the side of the pot, and then do the next one to make all the dumplings

Vegetable Egg Dumplings recipe

9. Put the finished dumplings in the microwave oven and cook them on Weibo in three minutes, or they can be steamed in a steamer.

Vegetable Egg Dumplings recipe

10. Sprinkle a little chopped green onion and eat it

Vegetable Egg Dumplings recipe


1. Don't put too much oil in the pan, just a little bit. If there is fat, just smear it with fat.
2. Heat the oil, the egg liquid will solidify quickly when it enters, and the shape will be more beautiful.
3. The omelette should not be too thin, so as not to break when it is turned over and affect its appearance.
4. After finishing each one, close the mouth down and shape it slightly, and then operate the next one.
5. The prepared egg dumplings can be added with condiments, steamed, fried, or boiled according to your own taste. You can also mix them with green vegetables. Make more of them at a time, which is very convenient to eat.
6. For the filling of egg dumplings, it is best to bring a little fat, which tastes more delicious.
7. When you first do it, you will find it difficult. In fact, practice makes perfect. Doing a few more will make it easy.


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