Vegetable Tofu Pancakes

Vegetable Tofu Pancakes

by Sweet talk

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The shape of the food is quite attractive to children. If you take the food that you usually eat, as long as you take a little thought to change the shape, it will make the child's appetite open.


Vegetable Tofu Pancakes

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Vegetable Tofu Pancakes recipe

2. Carrot shreds, water-fat fungus washed and cut into thin shreds, tofu is crushed with a spoon, and the eggs are scattered for later

Vegetable Tofu Pancakes recipe

3. Add an appropriate amount of water and flour to the egg bowl and stir evenly to make a particle-free batter

Vegetable Tofu Pancakes recipe

4. Then add the tofu puree and stir evenly

Vegetable Tofu Pancakes recipe

5. Add celery leaves, carrot shreds, fungus, salt, white pepper

Vegetable Tofu Pancakes recipe

6. Stir again to make a vegetable batter

Vegetable Tofu Pancakes recipe

7. Pour oil into the pan and heat, spoon into the vegetable batter, spread into a thick and moderate pie shape, and fry until golden brown on both sides

Vegetable Tofu Pancakes recipe

8. Just press out the shape with a mold and install it on the plate

Vegetable Tofu Pancakes recipe


When stirring the batter, add water while stirring in one direction, so that the batter is even after stirring and there will be no small bumps.


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