Vegetarian Abalone

Vegetarian Abalone

by Nan Xi·Human Fireworks

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Shiitake mushrooms are more delicious than abalone in this way. You must have never eaten mushrooms like this! Shiitake mushrooms are rich in nutrients and have anti-cancer effects. Many special dishes can be made. You will definitely like this delicious and delicious "sweet and sour version of vegetarian abalone"! "


Vegetarian Abalone

1. Fresh shiitake mushrooms

Vegetarian Abalone recipe

2. Boil for two to three minutes to remove

Vegetarian Abalone recipe

3. On the bottom side of the shiitake mushrooms, use a knife to cut horizontally and then vertically, cut with a flower knife

Vegetarian Abalone recipe

4. Fix with toothpicks before cutting

Vegetarian Abalone recipe

5. Coated with corn starch, evenly coated

Vegetarian Abalone recipe

6. Heat the oil, fry in the pan, deep fry until golden and crispy, remove

Vegetarian Abalone recipe

7. Keep less oil in the pot, put ketchup, sugar, vinegar, light soy sauce

Vegetarian Abalone recipe

8. Pour the shiitake mushrooms into the pot and stir-fry evenly. The sweet and sour version of vegetarian abalone is finished

Vegetarian Abalone recipe


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