Vegetarian Stew Soup

Vegetarian Stew Soup

by ωǒ僦湜媙媙

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It's so delicious, I almost ate my tongue!


Vegetarian Stew Soup

1. Raw material map, ginger, shredded green onion, cut into sections

Vegetarian Stew Soup recipe

2. Shred cucumber, fungus, and ham, tear off gluten strips, blanch them, and beat eggs.

Vegetarian Stew Soup recipe

3. Shred potatoes, wash and drain

Vegetarian Stew Soup recipe

4. Deep fry in the frying pan and remove the slightly yellowish fish for later use

Vegetarian Stew Soup recipe

5. Pour out all the oil, leave the oil in the bottom of the pot and saute the scallions and ginger

Vegetarian Stew Soup recipe

6. Add cucumber, fungus, ham and gluten, stir fry

Vegetarian Stew Soup recipe

7. Add the broth, hot water, and boil

Vegetarian Stew Soup recipe

8. After thickening, pour the egg flower, add salt, black pepper, rice vinegar, sesame oil before it comes out of the pot, and put the potato shreds

Vegetarian Stew Soup recipe


1. The feature of this is the fried potato shreds, if you find it troublesome, you can fry the potato slices and shred them;
2. The gluten can be replaced with tofu skin, and it must be blanched to remove the taste;
3. Other vegetables can be matched by yourself. Can also be simplified;
4. Stock soup is any bone soup, chicken soup, etc., which can replace chicken essence and MSG, which is more delicious and original. If you are too lazy to cook, you can directly replace it with water;
5. The water must be sufficient, so that the ingredients are evenly scattered in the floating pot, and not too thick.


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