Walnut Chicken Drumsticks

Walnut Chicken Drumsticks

by Xianger Kitchen

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Walnut chicken drumsticks are cooked together with tender chicken and walnuts. I remove the bones of the chicken drumsticks and then marinate them. Finally, they are rolled up with tin foil and steamed. A bowl of spicy cold sauce suitable for my own taste is prepared. The walnut kernels are fried in oil and fragrant. Add them to the chicken legs. When you eat them, they will be served with the chicken. The taste is very rich. The fresh and crispy walnuts of the chicken will give people a satisfying taste in the mouth, whether it is served with wine or The food is quite delicious.


Walnut Chicken Drumsticks

1. Wash the drumsticks

Walnut Chicken Drumsticks recipe

2. Prepare the shallots, rice wine and ginger slices

Walnut Chicken Drumsticks recipe

3. Cut the chicken legs apart with a knife and then remove the bones along the chicken bones

Walnut Chicken Drumsticks recipe

4. Put the green onion, ginger, rice wine and salt in a bowl and marinate for 2 hours

Walnut Chicken Drumsticks recipe

5. After that, pick up the chicken legs and place them flat in tin foil, put 2 in a piece of tin foil, and roll up from bottom to top

Walnut Chicken Drumsticks recipe

6. After rolling up, pinch tightly and close the mouth, including both ends, put all of them in the steamer, pot on cold water, steam for about 15 minutes on high heat, and then out of the pot

Walnut Chicken Drumsticks recipe

7. While steaming the chicken drumsticks, prepare walnuts, chopped green onions, add fresh soy sauce, rice vinegar, oily chili and white sesame seeds to a small bowl and mix thoroughly to form a sauce

Walnut Chicken Drumsticks recipe

8. In a cold pan with cold oil, add the walnuts, stir fry for a while until the aroma is released, and then remove the oil to control the oil

Walnut Chicken Drumsticks recipe

9. Chop the sauteed walnuts, don’t chop too much

Walnut Chicken Drumsticks recipe

10. Take the chicken legs out of the tin foil and cut them into chunks

Walnut Chicken Drumsticks recipe

11. Put the chicken legs on the plate first, then add the walnuts and green onion, pour the sauce and enjoy

Walnut Chicken Drumsticks recipe


1. Fried walnut kernels must be in a cold oil pan. When the oil temperature rises, the walnut kernels are also cooked, so that they will not burn and have a crispy taste.

2. The time for steaming chicken legs depends on the size and tenderness of the chicken legs. The taste of each restaurant is different, please adjust the taste according to your own taste.


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