Walnut Egg Custard

Walnut Egg Custard

by Little idiot

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Eggs are a kind of food with very high protein content, and are egg foods that we often eat in our daily diet. Eating an egg a day can not only replenish protein, but also feel full. It is a very popular food for dieters. Walnut replenishes brain, can also promote sleep, protect our heart, etc. The combination of eggs and walnuts is not only full of health elements, but also excellent in taste.


Walnut Egg Custard

1. It is best to bite the walnuts in the oven or microwave first, the cooked walnuts are more crispy and more fragrant. Then use a rolling pin to squeeze it into fine pieces.

Walnut Egg Custard recipe

2. Knock two eggs into a bowl and add appropriate amount of salt. The egg liquid is almost 100 grams.

Walnut Egg Custard recipe

3. Add 2 times the amount of water in the egg liquid. You can also beat the eggs before adding water.

Walnut Egg Custard recipe

4. Whisk evenly with egg.

Walnut Egg Custard recipe

5. Sift into another bowl, do not omit this step, to remove the foam to ensure that the custard is delicate.

Walnut Egg Custard recipe

6. Pour into a steaming bowl. If your bowl does not have a lid, cover it with plastic wrap.

Walnut Egg Custard recipe

7. Boil the water first, then put the steaming bowl into the steamer. Steam on high heat for 7 minutes.

Walnut Egg Custard recipe

8. After 7 minutes, the custard has been basically shaped, open the lid and sprinkle with walnuts. Continue to steam for 3 minutes.

Walnut Egg Custard recipe

9. The steamed custard has a delicate texture and a very good taste.

Walnut Egg Custard recipe


The beaten custard liquid must be sieved, and if there is still foam, then pass it again. If there is no foam, the fineness of the custard can be guaranteed. The steaming bowl should be covered with a lid or plastic wrap to prevent steam from dripping into the custard and affecting the texture of the custard. When the custard is steamed, the water is boiled and then put in the steamer, so as to ensure the fine and uniform structure of the custard.


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