White Chicken

White Chicken

by Jesse_Lin Zhipeng

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1. Boiled chicken is my favorite way to eat chicken. I think this cooking method is the most important ingredient and can best show the freshness and smoothness of the chicken, the most authentic and original flavor. In the southern part of Guangdong, Bai Zhan Chicken is a common tongue memory of many people, and it is also an indispensable dish for New Year's Eve dinner.
2. Southerners have a lot of specialties in cooking white chicken. The cleaned whole chicken is cut in half and can only be scalded with boiling water. After scalding, use cold water to pull it out. Repeated this several times, the hot chicken has just been broken, maintaining the fullest gravy. This method requires relatively high experience and cooking skills, and it must be cut off. If it is over-scalded, the chicken skin is broken, and the gravy flows out, it means that the cooking is unsuccessful and the taste will be much worse.
3. When cooking white chicken at home, you don't need to repeat that. Use half-open water that is about 90 degrees Celsius. Don't let the water boil. It's okay to boil it in this kind of water for 20 to 30 minutes. But with your temperature control equipment, it is also very difficult to keep the water half open!
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White Chicken

1. 1. Make white chicken
A. To make white chicken, you need to use fresh and plump native chicken breeds, such as Sanhuang chicken, Qingyuan chicken, Pudong chicken, etc. We used three yellow chickens, which are still very good. The chicken sellers in the market slaughtered them to remove their hair and viscera, then took them back, washed them, and chopped them in half for later use.
B. Pour half a pot of cold water into the Jiesel automatic cooking pot (recommended model E15), and put the processed chicken skin down. Put the chicken skin down into the pot to make the chicken legs easier to cook. If the chicken is too large, cut the thighs or cut off the chicken legs. Add a few more slices of ginger, cover the pot, plug in the power source, press the power button, and then press the [White chop|scallion chicken] button. When the cooking time is up, it will automatically remind you. The characteristic of this cooking program is that the temperature is controlled at more than 90 degrees, and the water does not boil. It is specially designed for authentic white chicken. The default time for a pot under cold water is 40 minutes. If it is half-boiled, the time can be as short as twenty minutes and it will be ready.
C. While boiling the chicken, take out a large basin and put it in cold water, preferably ice cubes. When the chicken is blanched, carefully remove it with a strainer and immerse it in ice water for about 15-20 minutes. Be careful and don't break the skin of the chicken. The chicken skin will be crispy after being cold soaked.

White Chicken recipe

2. 2. When the chicken in salty sauce is soaked in a basin, there is enough time to make several salty sauces for dipping. We made three kinds of juice today: sand ginger juice, garlic juice and sanhe oil. The following is how to adjust the juice, they are all simple and delicious. After the sauce is ready, just take the chicken for dipping-I don't need to show you how to eat it, right?
(1) Sand ginger juice
A. Wash sand ginger, peel, cut into thin slices, add 6 grams of salt and mash into puree;
B. Wipe the pot gallbladder, pour in edible oil and appropriate amount of sesame oil, and start the [dry pot] function;
C. After the oil heat is automatically stopped, pour it into the ginger paste while it is still hot, pour the oil and stir well with chopsticks.
(2) Garlic juice
A. Peel the garlic, remove the roots, cut into slices, add salt, and pound into puree
B. Add sesame oil to make garlic juice.
(3) Sanhe oil
A. Mix 20 grams of minced garlic, 20 milliliters of vinegar, 15 milliliters of light soy sauce, 5 milliliters of sesame oil, and 4 grams of salt into juice.

White Chicken recipe

3. 3. Cut the white chicken into pieces and store it on a plate and storage (1) Prepare a cooked food board and a knife, cut the chicken into about 1 cm wide strips, spread sesame oil, and dip it in the bowl of juice;
(2) If you can't eat a meal, you can put sesame oil on it and wrap it in plastic wrap. Generally, it can be stored in the refrigerator for 2-3 days.

White Chicken recipe


1. Put the chicken skin down into the pot to make the chicken legs easy to mature. If the chicken is too big, cut the thighs or cut off the chicken legs;
2. Be careful not to damage the skin when fishing for chickens;
3. Soaking in ice water can make the chicken skin crisper;
4. Touching sesame oil can keep chicken moisture from losing.
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