Winter Melon Chicken Soup

Winter Melon Chicken Soup

by Silence into a poem

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Is there anyone like me who missed the time when my mother cooked rice in an iron pan when I was a child? The rice or soup cooked in the iron pan is unforgettable. Now all kinds of kitchen appliances are readily available, but the original taste is no longer found.

Fortunately, Jiuyang Iron Kettle did it. It takes us to re-search for the deliciousness in our memory, the perfect combination of modern technology and natural and simple taste, and it has been tempered for a good meal.

Thanks to Food Jie, thanks to Joyoung, for letting me own T5 and giving me the opportunity to regain deliciousness.


Winter Melon Chicken Soup

1. Half an old hen, remove excess fat, chop into small pieces, wash, soak in water for ten minutes to soak in bleeding water, change the water several times during the period, then drain the water for later use; wash the ginger and slice it for later use

Winter Melon Chicken Soup recipe

2. Peel the winter melon and cut into slices

Winter Melon Chicken Soup recipe

3. Put the chicken and ginger into the iron kettle T5

Winter Melon Chicken Soup recipe

4. Add appropriate amount of water, and the amount of water should not exceed the highest scale for cooking porridge. There is a scale prompt on the inner wall, which is very intimate

Winter Melon Chicken Soup recipe

5. Turn on the power, the panel displays, select the soup in the function, press start, the default program is 1 and a half hours, you can adjust the timing duration according to the actual situation

Winter Melon Chicken Soup recipe

6. Ten minutes before the end of the program, put in the cut winter melon slices, add salt, close the lid of the machine, and continue cooking for ten minutes.

Winter Melon Chicken Soup recipe

7. At the end of the program, there is basically no loss of moisture, so no nutrition will be lost. Open the lid and the house will smell sweet.

Winter Melon Chicken Soup recipe

8. Serve it in a bowl and drink it beautifully. I like to use this chicken broth to make cakes. It's very fragrant.

Winter Melon Chicken Soup recipe


1. Make soup in a pot under cold water, don’t use hot water
2. Add the salt ten minutes before turning off the heat, the soup will be delicious and will not taste raw salt
3. Winter melon is low-fat and can moisturize the lungs. It can be boiled into a soup with chicken, which is very suitable for autumn drinking.


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