Xiao Diao Pear Soup

Xiao Diao Pear Soup

Natsumoto is a season of high incidence of coughing, but in this sensitive period, every time I hear a child cough, I feel nervous. I chatted with my colleagues and found that mothers are like this. Meimei is here to remind everyone that in the face of the epidemic, we All need to be highly cautious, but don't be afraid. If there are no symptoms such as fever or breathing difficulties, there is no need to run to the hospital. After all, at this time, the hospital is the most unsafe place.
In order for children to reduce the occurrence of colds, the most important thing is to improve their own immunity. In addition to medicines, there are actually many ingredients in life that can prevent colds and coughs. Pears are one of the most popular ones. Pear has the functions of relieving cough and phlegm, clearing away heat and reducing fire, moisturizing the lungs and eliminating dryness. Today Meimei brings you a drink that can moisturize the lungs and relieve cough [Xiao Diao Pear Soup].

When it comes to Xiao Diao Pear Soup, foodies should be familiar with it. It is a traditional drink in old Beijing. This bowl of soup is delicate and sweet. A bowl of soup, from the tip of the tongue to the stomach, is comfortable to press.

If you want to make a pot of small hanging pear soup, the best ingredients are Sydney pear. Secondly, pear skin and white fungus are the key. The former makes the soup thick and moist and the color darker, while the latter increases the consistency of the soup.

If you have stocks at home, it is best to add some plum (or not), it is the finishing touch and can make the pear soup more delicious!
Sydney is sweet and cold in nature. It is rich in malic acid, citric acid, vitamin B1, B2, C, carotene and other nutrients. It has the effects of promoting body fluids, moisturizing dryness, clearing heat and reducing phlegm, moistening lungs and relieving cough.

Tremella is also a good thing. It is rich in natural plant gums, fats, and a variety of amino acids and minerals. It has the reputation of "the crown of bacteria". It has the effects of moisturizing the lungs, relieving cough, and improving immunity. Add rock sugar and goji berries together, and the cough relief effect is doubled. This soup is simple and fast, sweet and tasteless. Nuans people who have a cough and uncomfortable throat will use this soup. It is especially useful and the taste is also very good. Also love to drink. Especially for ladies who love beauty, it can make the skin moist and delicate, supple, shiny and elastic.

Not much to say, let’s take a look at how to do it with Meimei——







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How to make it (Xiao Diao Pear Soup)

1. The ingredients are ready, let’s deal with the ingredients first:
Xiao Diao Pear Soup recipe
2. Clean the pears first. It is recommended that you scrub the pear skin several times with salt, so that the residue on the surface can be removed well. Rinse with clean water and set aside.
Xiao Diao Pear Soup recipe
3. Wash and peel the pears, cut the pears into long strips, and use them later. Peeled Sydney pears are pitted and cut into moderately sized pieces. Do not cut the pears too early to avoid oxidation and blackening for too long. Just cut it just before cooking.
Xiao Diao Pear Soup recipe
4. Soak the white fungus for 1 hour in advance, remove the roots, and cut into small pieces of even size.
Xiao Diao Pear Soup recipe
5. Soak the wolfberry slightly with water to soften it.
Xiao Diao Pear Soup recipe
6. Put the broken white fungus into the rice cooker first.
Xiao Diao Pear Soup recipe
7. Use the soup key to cook for one and a half hours to completely simmer the gelatin. Cook the gelatin in the white fungus in advance to taste better. If you don't care, you can also put the white fungus and Sydney together in the pot.
Xiao Diao Pear Soup recipe
8. After the white fungus is glued, pour the pear meat and skin into the pot and cook for 20 minutes.
Xiao Diao Pear Soup recipe
9. Add the soaked wolfberry and rock sugar in the last ten minutes and cook.
Xiao Diao Pear Soup recipe
10. After the rock sugar melts and the wolfberry is soft and ripe, remove the pear skin and throw it away. Drink it while it is hot. It is sweet and moisturizing, thick and fragrant, children love it, and my family uses it for breakfast during this time.
Xiao Diao Pear Soup recipe

If this sugar water is to have a better effect of relieving cough and nourishing the lungs, it is recommended to put rock sugar instead of white sugar and brown sugar. Only polycrystalline rock sugar can moisturize the lungs and relieve cough, and benefit the therapeutic effect of sputum cough. White sugar , No single crystal!

How to distinguish old rock candy? The old rock sugar is an irregular lens with the original color of sugarcane juice. The old rock candy smells of sugar cane; the sweetness is moderate, not greasy; the texture is clear and free of impurities; the surface should be very dry if you grab a hand, all of which can be used as a small skill to distinguish.

Sydney has its own sweetness, so the amount of rock sugar should not be too large. I usually only use a piece of rock sugar to cook a pear.


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