Xiao Long Tang Bao

Xiao Long Tang Bao

by Zhaojia smiled

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I bought a lot of meat for making fennel dumplings before, and the leftover skin after mincing the meat was made into jelly, so I made soup dumplings."


Xiao Long Tang Bao

1. Add an appropriate amount of water to the minced meat and beat it clockwise or counterclockwise. Add seasonings such as sugar and salt light soy sauce and ginger chicken powder, mix well.

Xiao Long Tang Bao recipe

2. Knead the dough with flour and water to form a moderately hard dough. If you are lazy, you can use a thinner dumpling wrapper instead.

Xiao Long Tang Bao recipe

3. Take out the finished skin jelly, as long as there is no pig skin on the upper layer

Xiao Long Tang Bao recipe

4. Cut the skin jelly into small particles and stir together with the meat filling

Xiao Long Tang Bao recipe

5. The dough is added, flattened, rolled into round pieces, and then stuffed into buns. I'm afraid of sprinkling soup, so the bag is closed. If it is a big soup bag with a straw, it can be opened.

Xiao Long Tang Bao recipe

6. Bring the steamer water to a boil, and steam the buns in a basket for 5 minutes. Dip it in vinegar after steaming~

Xiao Long Tang Bao recipe


The ratio of minced meat to skin jelly is 1:1


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