Yam Chicken Soup

Yam Chicken Soup

by Sweet talk

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Warm-up chicken soup for cold winter days.


Yam Chicken Soup

1. One three-yellow chicken, clean it, and remove the skin from the neck of the chicken

Yam Chicken Soup recipe

2. Peel the yam, then wash and cut into sections

Yam Chicken Soup recipe

3. Put the right amount of water in the casserole, then add the sliced ginger and yam

Yam Chicken Soup recipe

4. Add three yellow chicken

Yam Chicken Soup recipe

5. After the fire is boiled, remove the foam

Yam Chicken Soup recipe

6. Then change the heat to a low heat and simmer for 2 hours, turn off the heat and add salt to taste

Yam Chicken Soup recipe

7. Nourishing and warming yam chicken soup

Yam Chicken Soup recipe


Tips for making soup:
1. When boiling the soup, the fire should not be too high. The temperature is subject to the boiling degree of the soup. If the soup is brought to a boil, the protein molecules in the meat will be destroyed.
2. During the low heat and slow cooker, you cannot open the lid or add water in the middle, because the meat being heated shrinks in the cold and the protein is not easy to dissolve, and the soup will lose its original flavor, otherwise it will affect the taste of the soup;
3. When boiling the soup, avoid putting too much onion, ginger, cooking wine and other seasonings, so as not to affect the original flavor of the soup itself, and also avoid putting salt too early, because early salt can make the protein in the meat coagulate and not dissolve easily. The soup is dark in color, insufficient in concentration, and not beautiful in appearance;
4. Soup utensils should choose casserole with fine texture. The enamel of inferior casserole contains a small amount of lead, which is easy to dissolve when cooking acidic food, which is harmful to health. The white ceramic pot on the inner wall is the best. The newly bought casserole is used for cooking porridge for the first time or the bottom of the pot is greased for a day and then rinsed and boiled again. After the boiling procedure is completed, it can be used to make the soup.


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