Yuxiang Eggplant

Yuxiang Eggplant

by Meimeijia's Kitchen

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The most classic method of eggplant is the fragrance of fish, the small fish parsley, and the great wisdom of condensing cooking. While I was gobbled up, don’t forget to admire the chef who invented this delicious dish that had no fish but had a fishy taste. !
Eggplant is very nutritious. It is one of the few purple vegetables. It is best not to peel the eggplant. Many vitamins that are not in other vegetables are contained in this purple skin. Modern people have big fish and meat every day, overdrawing the health of blood vessels, and eggplant is an expert at protecting the cardiovascular system, it can improve the elasticity of blood vessels. Moreover, eggplant also has an inhibitory effect on harmful cholesterol, effectively delaying aging.


Yuxiang Eggplant

1. The ingredients are ready, mince the green onion, ginger and garlic, chop the chili, and chop slightly. If you don’t have the chili, you can replace it with pickled peppers.

Yuxiang Eggplant recipe

2. Remove the stems and wash the eggplant, cut into 7 cm long, 1 cm thick strips

Yuxiang Eggplant recipe

3. Remove the stems and seeds of the green peppers, rinse them, and cut them into strips the same as the eggplants. Heat the pan to 50% heat, that is, when the palms are on the top and the eggplants are obviously hot, put the eggplants in

Yuxiang Eggplant recipe

4. After frying on medium heat until the surface is golden, take it out and drain the oil for later use

Yuxiang Eggplant recipe

5. Mix salt, chicken essence, light soy sauce, white vinegar, cooking wine, white sugar and water starch into a fish-flavored sauce

Yuxiang Eggplant recipe

6. Leave a little oil in the pot, add the chopped green onion, ginger, and garlic, and fry for a fragrance

Yuxiang Eggplant recipe

7. Add chopped chili and stir fry a few times

Yuxiang Eggplant recipe

8. Add the green pepper and eggplant, stir fry for about 2 minutes on medium heat

Yuxiang Eggplant recipe

9. Pour in fish-flavored sauce and stir fry frequently

Yuxiang Eggplant recipe

10. Until it is uniform and the gorgon juice is thick, it can be served.

Yuxiang Eggplant recipe


Stir-fried with chopped chili or pickled pepper, the taste is the best, the eggplant must be fried first, and the oil is the most delicious.


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