Yuxiang Pork

Yuxiang Pork

by Chasing the sun

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The "fish fragrance" of Yuxiang Pork is actually made from soaked pepper, salt, soy sauce, vinegar, white sugar, green onion, ginger and minced garlic. It has a salty, sweet, sour, spicy, fresh and fragrant taste, which is a very appetizing. Home cooking for dinner. As long as this small bowl of fish-flavored juice, you can make delicious fish-parsley dishes, so that you can have fish without fish.
The proportion of fish-flavored juice is: 10 grams of cooking wine, 15 grams of sugar, 20 grams of salt, 2 grams of soy sauce, 20 grams of wet starch, and 10 grams.
No matter what dish this bowl of fish-flavored sauce is paired with, the spiciness of the dish is relatively heavy. Since the spiciness is neutralized by the sweet and sour, the taste is not spicy but the aftertaste is spicy, and the aroma is attractive, and the spicy is very delicious. , It's a beautiful meal that no one does not love."

Yuxiang Pork

1. Wash the pork and cut it into shreds, soak it in water, change the water several times, and the shredded meat will be very white and beautiful. Marinate it with a little salt and cooking wine, then add the egg white, and finally put the dry starch, and then put it A little oil seal

Yuxiang Pork recipe

2. Soak the red pepper and chop it with a knife, chop the green onion, ginger and garlic into minced pieces, shred black fungus, peel and shred lettuce shoots; 10 grams of cooking wine, 15 grams of sugar, 20 grams of salt, 2 grams of light soy sauce, 20 grams of wet starch 10 Gram into a bowl and mix into gorgon juice for later use

Yuxiang Pork recipe

3. Put the bottom oil in the wok, a little more oil, add soaked red pepper and fry the red oil

Yuxiang Pork recipe

4. Stir-fry the shredded pork until it changes color

Yuxiang Pork recipe

5. Add the minced ginger and garlic, stir fry for a fragrance, add the shredded fungus and shredded lettuce and stir fry a few times

Yuxiang Pork recipe

6. Finally put the chopped green onions

Yuxiang Pork recipe

7. Pour the gorgon juice, stir fry evenly, and it will come out of the pan.

Yuxiang Pork recipe


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