Yuxiang Tofu

Yuxiang Tofu

by meggy dancing apple

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Tofu is what my family likes to eat. It is fried, stir-fried, stewed and mixed. The method is simple, the taste is delicious and the nutrition is rich. Especially my mother, because she rarely eats meat, can't drink milk, and doesn't eat calcium tablets, so tofu and soy products are the main food sources for the elderly to obtain calcium.

Today I fried a pot of Yuxiang Tofu. Put a lump of ground pork meat, tender tofu, fragrant minced meat, wrapped in a thick fish-flavored sauce, it's really delicious! Tofu was originally not easy to taste, but there was a bit of thin glutinous rice in the soup. The tofu was wrapped in the soup and poured on the rice. After eating a large bowl, there was no soup left.

Fish-flavored sauce can be used to make many dishes, but do not use aged vinegar to make the whole dish too thick. It is best to use sweet rice vinegar, which does not grab the taste, but has a long-lasting aftertaste.


Yuxiang Tofu

1. Prepare tofu, ground pork, black fungus and green garlic;

Yuxiang Tofu recipe

2. Prepare the main seasonings: add starch, salt, sugar, white pepper, soy sauce, longmen rice vinegar, bean curd sauce, garlic cloves in a small bowl;

Yuxiang Tofu recipe

3. Cut the tofu into pieces about 2 cm, mince the green garlic;

Yuxiang Tofu recipe

4. Use soy sauce, rice vinegar, and appropriate amount of cold water to make a starch slurry for later use, mince garlic;

Yuxiang Tofu recipe

5. Heat up the wok, pour in the appropriate amount of vegetable oil, when the oil temperature is 3 to 40% hot, turn to low heat, put a spoonful of bean curd sauce into the wok, stir fry the red oil, pour in the garlic and fry together;

Yuxiang Tofu recipe

6. Pour the minced pork meat into the pot, reduce the heat, quickly divide it into granules, and stir-fry to change its color;

Yuxiang Tofu recipe

7. Stir the black fungus in a pan for a few times, then pour a little water to increase the soup;

Yuxiang Tofu recipe

8. Pour the tofu cubes into the pot, gently push it with a spatula, so that all the tofu is immersed in the soup, turn to medium heat, slurp for two minutes, the tofu is fully flavored;

Yuxiang Tofu recipe

9. Stir the soy sauce rice vinegar starch slurry again, and pour it into the pot;

Yuxiang Tofu recipe

10. Push gently with a spatula to make the soup thick and shiny, pour the chopped green garlic into the soup, turn off the water, and use the remaining temperature to change the color of the green garlic to get out of the pot.

Yuxiang Tofu recipe


1. The proportion of fish-flavored juice is not too fixed. It should be adjusted according to the amount of vegetables and personal taste. Soy sauce should not be too heavy. The taste is salty and sweet with a little sour taste. Longmen rice vinegar has a fresh taste, clear color and is wrapped in tofu. After the slightly thick soup, sweet and sour, salty and fresh, the taste is complex, and the layers are approached, and the meal is appetizing;
2. Fish-flavored sauce can also be used to make fish-flavored pork shreds, fish-meat potato shreds, fish-meat pork liver and other dishes.


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