Zhanjiang White Sliced Chicken

Zhanjiang White Sliced Chicken

by Jiangcheng Chao Dad

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For those who love Cantonese cuisine, white sliced chicken is definitely not to be missed. Today, Dad Chao used a lot of pictures to make a demonstration for everyone. There are two details that need to be explained in advance: First, the white-cut chicken you eat in Guangdong is usually yellowish in color. It is because you add turmeric powder or mountain twigs to color it. It is not necessary to add these when you make it at home; 2. The method of that bowl of dipping sauce is completely correct. It is a pity that Guangdong "shajiang" cannot be bought locally in Hubei. If you add some fresh sand ginger into it, it will be more perfect.


Zhanjiang White Sliced Chicken

1. First, let me introduce the method of dipping white sliced chicken in detail, and pay attention to the picture! First, prepare more ginger and chop it into pureed ginger (as close as possible to puree); then chop more scallion, also cut into puree, and put both in a bowl at the same time.

Zhanjiang White Sliced Chicken recipe

2. Then sprinkle some salt on the chopped ginger and scallion, then boil a little bit of hot oil and pour it on, stir evenly, and you're done! As mentioned earlier, if you can buy fresh Cantonese sand ginger, chop it and add it together, the taste will be even better.

Zhanjiang White Sliced Chicken recipe

3. Next, let’s focus on "This Chicken", carefully compare the pictures below to see! It is recommended to buy small tender chickens (bred small native chickens) weighing no more than two catties. After the chicken sellers are commissioned to slaughter the chickens, they will be cut from the bottom of the chicken, the internal organs will be hollowed out, and then the bottom of the chicken neck will be opened. It forms a connected state with the chicken butt, and then cuts off the nails of the chicken feet;

Zhanjiang White Sliced Chicken recipe

4. Wash the processed chicken thoroughly with cold water and chop off the chicken feet for later use. Be careful not to break the skin of the chicken, otherwise it will fail.

Zhanjiang White Sliced Chicken recipe

5. Then prepare a deep bucket-shaped big soup pot, add enough water to submerge the chicken, throw in a few slices of ginger and the remaining green onion leaves, boil on high heat, and add a little salt to the bottom after boiling;

Zhanjiang White Sliced Chicken recipe

6. The next technique is super important, and you must watch it carefully: After the water boils, hold the chicken head in your hand, let the whole chicken soak in the soup pot for two seconds, and then quickly take it out; this action is repeated three times, the purpose is to make The chicken skin shrinks quickly and maintains a wonderful taste;

Zhanjiang White Sliced Chicken recipe

7. After passing the water three times quickly, soak the whole chicken in ice boiling water for a minute or two. Be sure to soak all of it in ice boiling water. The ice water can be prepared in advance. If you really want to be lazy, get a bottle of frozen mineral water. Rinse the whole chicken and the effect is similar.

Zhanjiang White Sliced Chicken recipe

8. After the ice water is over, put the chicken in the soup pot. Be sure to soak it all in the soup. Then cover the pot and "simmer" for 25 minutes at minimum heat. If the chicken is slightly larger, it can be extended for another 5 minutes. Turn off the heat after 25 minutes, take a pair of chopsticks to pull out the chicken, find one of the chicken legs, insert the chopsticks into the chicken thigh, if there is no blood flowing out, it means that the chicken is well cooked.

Zhanjiang White Sliced Chicken recipe

9. The chicken can be taken out at this time. This technique is also very important. Don't break the chicken skin. Pay attention to the picture below: Use chopsticks to "lift" the whole chicken out from below the chicken wings, and then another key link. After the chicken is taken out, it should be placed in ice water and soaked for a few minutes to ensure that all sides are soaked. Ice water, the purpose of this is to instantly shrink the chicken skin and make the taste more crispy. In fact, it is better to soak for 35 minutes to let the chicken cool completely. Because the chicken is completely cold, it will be better to cut later.

Zhanjiang White Sliced Chicken recipe

10. The following is the white-cut chicken fished out of the ice water. By this step, you are basically done! Oh, no, it's only 90%. Look at this chicken, the skin is intact, and the color is natural and attractive golden yellow (If you want to achieve the special deep yellow effect in Cantonese restaurants, add turmeric powder or mountain branches to the soup pot to boil the water), This chicken has that fragrance! After ensuring that the chicken is cool, cut off the chicken head, chicken wings and drumsticks with a sharp knife (be sure to cut it vertically with a sharp knife, otherwise the chicken skin is easy to cut), then chop, chop, and place it directly!

Zhanjiang White Sliced Chicken recipe


The chicken that Dad Chao bought today is more than two catties. It is fat and big enough to cut a full plate with just two chicken legs and chicken wings! Dip it with the unique flavor of ginger and spring onion, the crispy chicken skin and tender chicken are blended into it. At this moment, you can enjoy it properly.·····

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