Abalone Stewed Duck Heart

Abalone Stewed Duck Heart

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Abalone was called mackerel in ancient times, also known as mirror fish, nine-hole snails, and eyesight fish, etc. It is a kind of marine shellfish. It belongs to a mollusk and is produced along the coast of my country's Guangdong, Taiwan, Fujian, Liaoning, and Shandong provinces. Chinese in Southeast Asia and compatriots from Hong Kong and Macao are particularly fond of abalone. The varieties of abalone include variegated abalone, half-grained abalone, lamb abalone, ear abalone, wrinkled abalone, etc. They mostly live in cracks and caves in rocky reefs with turbulent water and lush seaweeds. Abalone has been regarded as the highest seafood treasure since ancient times. Its meat is tender and smooth, and its taste is extremely delicious. It is not comparable to other seafood. Sima Qian described abalone as "a delicacy and delicacy" in "Historical Records". The homonym of abalone is "Bao Yu", "The abalone is Bao Ye, the fish is Yu Ye". The homophonic sound of abalone means that there is "inexhaustible" remaining money in the bag. Therefore, abalone is not only an excellent auspicious gift for relatives and friends, but also one of the essential auspicious dishes for banquets and festive dinners.

Nutritional value:

Abalone has a high protein content, especially globulin. Fresh products contain 20% protein, dry products are as high as 400-/0, and contain 8 essential amino acids.

Therapeutic effect-food:

Abalone meat is an anti-cancer food. Abalone meat contains a component called "abalone", which can destroy essential metabolites for cancer cells. The oval shell of abalone is a traditional Chinese medicine called Shijue Ming, which can clear the liver and improve eyesight, and treat diseases such as hypertension, red eyes, swelling and pain. Abalone is a deep-sea creature with the effect of nourishing yin and nourishing yang. Chinese medicine believes that abalone is a tonic but not dry seafood, and there are no side effects such as toothache and nosebleeds after eating it, and there is no harm in eating more. Abalone can regulate blood pressure in both directions, nourish yin, calm the liver, strengthen the kidney, and regulate the secretion of adrenal hormones. Abalone also has the effects of regulating menstruation, moisturizing dryness and benefiting the intestines, and can cure irregular menstruation, constipation and other diseases.


Abalone Stewed Duck Heart

1. Ingredients: abalone, 3 duck hearts, 6 ginger and 1 small piece

Abalone Stewed Duck Heart recipe

2. .Abalone dig out the intestines and clean the shell with a brush.

Abalone Stewed Duck Heart recipe

3. .Slice ginger, wash duck heart and cut in half.

Abalone Stewed Duck Heart recipe

4. .Pour cold water into the stewing pot and fill the abalone.

Abalone Stewed Duck Heart recipe

5. Add ginger slices.

Abalone Stewed Duck Heart recipe

6. .Pour the duck heart and close the lid.

Abalone Stewed Duck Heart recipe

7. .After the cold water pot is boiled on high heat, turn to low heat and simmer for 40 minutes.

Abalone Stewed Duck Heart recipe

8. .As soon as it is out of the pot, pour in a little salt to adjust the taste and it is ready to be served.

Abalone Stewed Duck Heart recipe


Try to remove the oil from the duck heart, and remove the hard blood clots after cutting.

If you don’t like the slick oil, just use a spoon to skim it. The ginger must be put to remove the fishy smell of abalone.

The soup itself is very delicious, no need to add MSG or chicken essence.


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