Abalone recipes

Abalone and Vegetable Noodles

Abalone, Noodles, Shiitake Mushrooms

Abalone Congee

Abalone, Rice, Broth

Steamed Abalone with Chopped Pepper

Abalone, Ginger, Chopped Pepper

Abalone and Rice

Abalone, Pumpkin, Water Starch

Tangerine Abalone Soup

Citrus, Tube Bone, Abalone

Assorted Pot

Mandarin Fish, Abalone, Prawn

Seafood Hotpot

Thick Soup Treasure, Water, Chives

Cantonese Poon Choi

Pueraria Lobata, Horseshoe, Golden Jade Fungus

Fresh Abalone and Chicken Soup

Chickens, Abalone, Chestnut

Steamed Abalone

Abalone, Ginger, Shallot

Stewed Abalone Soup

Abalone, Lotus Seed, Lily

Braised Abalone

Abalone, Shallot, Minced Garlic

Abalone Sauce and Rice

Abalone, Sea Cucumber, Quail Eggs

Abalone and Yam Chicken Soup

Soup Minor Original Chicken Soup, Yam, Abalone

Steamed Abalone with Garlic Vermicelli

Abalone, Rice Noodles, Garlic