Abundant Yuba Roll

Abundant Yuba Roll

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In addition to the big fish and meat in the New Year, you might as well try the vegetable-based yuba rolls with dried eggs and yuba, and add some umami thickening at the end. The taste is good enough.

Abundant Yuba Roll

1. Ingredients: dried eggs, beans, dried yuba, carrots.

Abundant Yuba Roll recipe

2. Dried yuba is soaked in cold water that has just submerged the surface until it becomes soft, then drained and set aside.

Abundant Yuba Roll recipe

3. When soaking the yuba, you can process other ingredients. Cut the dried eggs into thick strips and then cut them in half.

Abundant Yuba Roll recipe

4. Peel and stalk the carrots and cut into strips.

Abundant Yuba Roll recipe

5. Cut off both ends of the beans and cut into sections.

Abundant Yuba Roll recipe

6. Add half a pot of water to the small milk pot, boil, add carrot sticks and beans, blanch until slightly discolored, pick up and soak in cold water, pick up and drain.

Abundant Yuba Roll recipe

7. Drain the dried yuba and cut into sections, and put 2 pieces of dried egg, carrot sticks, and bean sections on each.

Abundant Yuba Roll recipe

8. Roll it up slowly from the end, as tight as possible, tie it with a clean toothpick, and put it in the steaming dish.

Abundant Yuba Roll recipe

9. In another pot, add half a pot of water, put in a steaming rack, boil the water, put in a steaming dish, cover, and steam for 6 minutes on medium-high heat.

Abundant Yuba Roll recipe

10. Stir cornstarch with cold water to form water starch, set aside; pour the water, light soy sauce, and chicken powder into a non-stick pan to boil, pour in water starch, turn to medium and low heat, keep stirring until transparent, drip in sesame sesame oil, Pour it over the steamed yuba roll while it is still hot.

Abundant Yuba Roll recipe

11. Making ornaments for display: Trace the word "Spring" on the kitchen paper towels, then cut it out, soak it in the green liquid, clip it out to dry, and decorate it.

Abundant Yuba Roll recipe


1. The seasoning can be adjusted by yourself.

2. The dried yuba can be soaked until it can be bent and rolled up. Pay attention to the soaking time, it will soak for too long.

3. Carrots and beans are the weight after treatment.


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