Vegetarian Noodles

Vegetarian Noodles

by Akai╮(╯▽╰)╭ing (from WeChat.)

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I didn't want to eat meaty food, so I made the veggie noodles. The taste was very good. My son said it was delicious without meat.

Vegetarian Noodles

1. Soak the shiitake mushrooms and yuba in advance, cut the shiitake mushrooms into slices, cut the yuba into pieces, wash and cut the shredded kelp, and cut the ginger into fine pieces.

Vegetarian Noodles recipe

2. Wash the fungus and soak in advance, tear into small flowers, wash the daylily and cut into sections, soak for a while.

Vegetarian Noodles recipe

3. Add water from the pot (according to the amount you eat), add kelp, shiitake mushrooms and ginger and cook over heat, cook until 7 is mature, add yuba, cook until 9 is mature, add fungus and daylily Boiling the pot, add the water starch in three times, and then pour the egg liquid evenly into the pot.

Vegetarian Noodles recipe

4. The eggs are opened into a bowl.

Vegetarian Noodles recipe

5. The starch is soaked in cold water.

Vegetarian Noodles recipe

6. Pick up the frying pan, add the pepper and star anise, stir fragrant, remove the seasoning, and pour the hot oil into the cooked brine.

Vegetarian Noodles recipe

7. Prepared halogen.

Vegetarian Noodles recipe

8. Roll the noodles and cut them into noodles.

Vegetarian Noodles recipe

9. The boiled noodles can be eaten with halogen.

Vegetarian Noodles recipe


The kelp does not need to be soaked for a long time, and it will not be easy to cook if it is too long


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