Braised Yuba with Fungus

Braised Yuba with Fungus

by Meimeijia's Kitchen

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The king of blood enrichment is actually it. The effect is like Ejiao. There are many mountains and plains in the countryside. There are really not many people who can eat.

In the winter in Hunan, it is always rainy and rainy. There is no sunshine for ten days in a row, and it feels like people are going to be dull and moldy.

It’s rare that it doesn’t rain on weekends, and I take my children around in the wild. I never thought that I found a lot of treasures in the small woods in the suburbs. The country people are so happy. Nature will give you a good gift in season.

Guess what we gained today? ——
Real wild black fungus! The leaves are thick and fleshy, especially cute! It is said that it is suitable for kidney in winter and eat more black food. In fact, black fungus also has a good brain-building effect and can prevent the occurrence of Alzheimer's. It has hemostasis and pain relief, nourishes blood and promotes blood circulation, etc. It also has certain anti-cancer and cardiovascular disease treatment functions. From the perspective of tonifying the brain, children and the elderly should eat more dishes such as black fungus and fried yuba to help the elderly prevent diseases and maintain their health. Because it is the cold winter season, I broke the traditional cooking method and added some pepper powder to enhance the flavor. I didn't expect the finished product to be exceptionally wonderful.

The black fungus is not only more crispy in the taste, but also can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis and prevent constipation. Even after eating and drinking, it will not burden the body. In addition to cleaning up the intestinal garbage, the fungus can also strengthen the body and strengthen the body. It has the effects of stopping bleeding and promoting blood circulation, effectively preventing iron deficiency anemia, etc. It can also nourish blood and keep the skin, and make the skin ruddy. It can be said that its blood and iron supplementation effects are not lost to red dates and red meat at all!
Black fungus mixed with yuba is more often eaten in summer. It is crispy and appetizing. In winter, we can make it into a hot dish, which tastes better. The method is simple, you can try it too.


Braised Yuba with Fungus

1. The yuba is relatively brittle. You can fold it into small sections and soak in warm water to soften it for about 10 minutes. If it is soaked for a long time, it will become shredded.

Braised Yuba with Fungus recipe

2. Put the black fungus directly into the water, clean the impurities on the leaves, and remove the pedicles. If it is dry fungus, it needs to be soaked in advance. The soaking time of dry fungus is a little longer, more than half an hour, try not to exceed 12 When I was young, many black fungus poisoning incidents occurred because of the long soaking time.

Braised Yuba with Fungus recipe

3. Boil a pot of water, pour the soaked yuba into the pot and blanch for one minute.

Braised Yuba with Fungus recipe

4. Pour the black fungus into the pot and blanch it for half a minute.

Braised Yuba with Fungus recipe

5. Pour the hot black fungus and yuba in cold water and soak in cold water, then remove them and dry the water for later use.

Braised Yuba with Fungus recipe

6. Soak the wolfberry in clear water for a minute or two.

Braised Yuba with Fungus recipe

7. Cut the processed black fungus into shreds, cut the yuba into oblique slices, and mince the garlic.

Braised Yuba with Fungus recipe

8. Heat up a frying pan, pour in the minced garlic and peppercorns and stir fry for a nice aroma.

Braised Yuba with Fungus recipe

9. Add yuba and black fungus, stir fry, add salt to taste, and finally sprinkle in goji berries, stir a little to get out of the pot.

Braised Yuba with Fungus recipe


Because the black fungus and goji berries are already cooked, they can be served after returning to the pan to quickly stir and seasoning. You don't need to stir in the pan for too long. There are many varieties of yuba. Adjust the soaking time according to your own experience. The yuba that is not resistant to soaking can be cooked after a little soaking. Do not break the yuba.


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