Assorted Fried Rice

Assorted Fried Rice

by Hello hami lee

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Simple fried rice can be so delicious! !


Assorted Fried Rice

1. Dice all ingredients

Assorted Fried Rice recipe

2. Pour oil in a pan, add mushrooms, carrots, and chicken breasts, stir fry for a while, set aside

Assorted Fried Rice recipe

3. In another oil pan, pour the egg liquid, sprinkle with salt, and stir-fry until half-cooked, then add rice, carrots, chicken breasts, and shiitake mushrooms and stir-fry for a while

Assorted Fried Rice recipe

4. Add green peppers and corn kernels

Assorted Fried Rice recipe

5. Add soy sauce, salt, black pepper, stir-fry evenly, then it will be out

Assorted Fried Rice recipe


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