Assorted Vegetables

Assorted Vegetables

by Daughter of heaven

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Laozhi dishes are especially popular because of their refreshing taste and rich ingredients. Both meat and seafood can be used as raw materials for Laozhi dishes, because there are many varieties of vegetables throughout the year, and modern people advocate vegetarianism for the health of the body. Because vegetables are relatively light in nature, they tend to have a faint taste if they are not done well. The salty, sour and spicy dishes in the juice are salty, sour and spicy, with a little bit of mustard. It just feels a bit exciting and has a light sweetness. It can be described as a wonderful combination of multiple flavors. , So that people who do not want to eat vegetarian food also like it. The main flavor of the dipping sauce comes from the dipping juice of the soaked vegetables. In the hot summer, you can put ice cubes in the prepared dipping sauce and then add your favorite ingredients. It tastes very cool. You can also soak the dipping sauce in advance. Vegetables are kept in the refrigerator and can be taken out when you eat. Whether it is used to serve wine, noodles, or to serve rice, it is very good. It can be said that the juice dish is the quickest and easiest dish in summer. . "


Assorted Vegetables

1. Collection of raw materials.

Assorted Vegetables recipe

2. Shred onion, tomatoes, cucumber, black fungus and konjac shreds in boiling water, scald them out and drain.

Assorted Vegetables recipe

3. Chop garlic, cut millet peppers into small circles, and put all the seasonings into a large bowl, add cold boiled water and stir well to make a sauce.

Assorted Vegetables recipe

4. Put the processed vegetables and soak them in the juice, cover them with plastic wrap and keep them in the refrigerator for about ten minutes. (Soak in cool weather and room temperature)

Assorted Vegetables recipe

5. Finished product

Assorted Vegetables recipe

6. Finished product

Assorted Vegetables recipe

7. Finished product

Assorted Vegetables recipe


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