Cool Boiled Water recipes

Five Kernel Moon Cakes

Corn Oil, Jianshui, Invert Syrup

Homemade Tofu

Dried Soybeans, Shimizu, White Vinegar

Pineapple Slices

Pork Tenderloin, Pineapple, Green Pepper

Lettuce with Garlic Oyster Sauce

Lettuce, Garlic, Oyster Sauce

Pan-fried Meatloaf

Minced Meat, Fatty, Egg

Noodles with Cowpea Meat Sauce

Hand-rolled Noodles, Cowpea, Pork Filling

Scallion Noodles

Hand-rolled Noodles, Green Onions, Soy Sauce

Beef Sauce Noodles

Hand-rolled Noodles, Salt, Beef Sauce

Noodles with Egg Sauce

Noodles, Doubanjiang, Shimizu

Soft-boiled Egg with Sauce

Egg, Light Salt Soy Sauce, Sugar

Thousands of Homemade Halogen

Thousand Sheets, Wang Shouyi Braised Food Bag, Carrot Strips

Shaanxi Liangpi

High-gluten Flour, Water, Salt

Braised Five Spice Edamame

Edamame, Gravy Marinade, Cool Boiled Water

Soba Noodles

Buckwheat Cold Noodles, Chili Noodles, Chili Oil

Grilled Cake with Cold Salad

Buckwheat Grilled Cake, Cucumber, Garlic