Authentic Sour and Spicy Lemon Duck

Authentic Sour and Spicy Lemon Duck

by Junxi Baiwei Kitchen

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Authentic Guangxi famous dishes, there are many chain stores in Nanning, Guangxi, sweet and sour, spicy, one of the appetizers in summer. I have done it many times, and friends around me think it tastes very good!


Authentic Sour and Spicy Lemon Duck

1. 1. Choose a half-sided duck with thick meat and thick skin, about two catties, don't choose too thin, without meaty feeling. Cut into small pieces, soak in water for about half an hour to remove blood water, then remove the water control for use (be sure to control the water to increase the rebound of the meat)
2. Prepare the side dishes: fresh lemon slices, green onions, celery, halved garlic, pickled lemons, pickled peppers, ginger slices, buckwheat heads, and pickled side dishes are also cut into small sections.

Authentic Sour and Spicy Lemon Duck recipe

2. Raise the pot and heat the oil, saute the garlic and ginger slices until fragrant. Stir the garlic until it turns slightly yellow. Pour the duck meat and stir-fry until the water is slightly dry. The oil will give off the meat and the meat will be slightly browned. Do not Fry the water of the duck meat completely to prevent the duck meat from becoming firewood. Fry until most of the fishy smell is volatile and the meat smells out. Add a little cooking wine to help remove the fishy smell during the frying process.

Authentic Sour and Spicy Lemon Duck recipe

3. After the duck meat is fried, turn it to a low heat for seasoning, add light soy sauce, dark soy sauce, salt, sugar, a little chicken essence, oil consumption, thirteen spices, pepper, etc. Stir-fry for 1-2 minutes, add a can of beer, let the soup cover the duck meat, boil on high heat and turn to medium-low heat to simmer for 20 to 30 minutes. Choose the simmering time depending on the portion size and the size of the cuts. (Small reminder, beer must be added enough, so as not to quickly dry the water during braising, and the subsequent refilling of beer can not volatilize the juice in time, resulting in braising.

Authentic Sour and Spicy Lemon Duck recipe

4. Pour the pickled lime, pickled pepper, pickled ginger slices, pickled mountain yellow peel, and sour buckwheat head into the pot and stir for 2-3 minutes, then pour in the green onion, celery and sliced lime, continue to stir Stir-fry until the juice is collected. (Tips, the marinated acid is the source of the sour taste of the lemon duck. It is volatile and does not need to be simmered for a long time. The marinated lemon will have a bitter taste when simmered for a long time, which will affect the taste of the meat, so it must be in the last 5 minutes. In the harvesting stage

Authentic Sour and Spicy Lemon Duck recipe

5. Serve and serve, the sour and spicy lemon duck is ready

Authentic Sour and Spicy Lemon Duck recipe


1. Duck meat can choose to fly water or not to fly water, you can decide by yourself, or you can press it in a pressure cooker for a few minutes to make the meat worse, depending on your taste
2. The personal taste of lemon duck likes sour, sweet and spicy, slightly sweet. If you don’t like slightly sweet, you can choose not to add sugar. In addition to the above acid, you can also choose pickled plums, 2 to 3 pieces.
3. Choose fresh limes for lemons, or choose small green oranges or yellow lemons. Our frying process only uses the fragrance of lemons. It is not suitable to stir fry at high temperature for a long time, otherwise it will be bitter, so it is recommended that you add it at the final stage


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