Autumn Runzao【sydney Fig Soup】

Autumn Runzao【sydney Fig Soup】

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The dry autumn is especially suitable for drinking more moisturizing sugar water. Sydney fig soup, the ingredients are good for moisturizing dryness, figs have the effect of detoxification and swelling, and also have a good effect on dry coughs in autumn. Together with pears, they can moisten the lungs and clear dryness. Relieve cough and resolve phlegm. Longan and wolfberry can calm the nerves and relieve the upset and dryness caused by autumn. After the ingredients are simmered in a health pot for 40 minutes, the soup is as transparent as amber, but the mouth is refreshing and sweet, nourishing the heart.


Autumn Runzao【sydney Fig Soup】

1. Materials are ready.

Autumn Runzao【sydney Fig Soup】 recipe

2. Except for the rock sugar, wash all the ingredients, so that the wolfberry will soak well.

Autumn Runzao【sydney Fig Soup】 recipe

3. Peel and core the Sydney pear and cut into small pieces.

Autumn Runzao【sydney Fig Soup】 recipe

4. Except rock sugar and wolfberry, pour the rest of the ingredients into a health pot and pour 1000ml of water.

Autumn Runzao【sydney Fig Soup】 recipe

5. Plug in the health pot, turn on the switch, select 4 "Medicated Diet" function, the time is set at 40 minutes.

Autumn Runzao【sydney Fig Soup】 recipe

6. Put the lid on, and the health pot will start to boil automatically.

Autumn Runzao【sydney Fig Soup】 recipe

7. After 35 minutes, add rock sugar and wolfberry, and you can eat at the end of the procedure.

Autumn Runzao【sydney Fig Soup】 recipe


1. If you feel that the ingredients are not soft enough to cook, you can extend the time.
2. Figs, candied dates, and longans all have a sweet taste. Rock sugar can be added or not.
3. The health pot is automatic throughout the whole process, no need to wait by the side.


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