Figs (dried) recipes

SuporĀ·jujube and Fig Soup

Red Dates, Figs (dried), Candied Dates

Coconut Almond and Sydney Soup

Figs (dried), Sea Coconut, South Almond

Agaricus Ribs Soup

Ribs, Red Dates, Agaricus Blazei

Kelp and Carrot Bone Soup

Pig Bones, Kelp, Green Radish

Sea Coconut Snow Fungus Soup

Sea Coconut King, Pork Bone, Snow Ear

Baby Ginseng Lean Pork Stew

Baby Ginseng, Ophiopogon, Sichuan Fritillaria

Sydney Loquat Lean Meat Soup

Loquat, Sydney, Pork (lean)

Stewed Figs and Radish Bone Soup

Tube Bone, Figs (dried), White Radish

Carrot and Fig Pork Rib Soup

Ribs, Carrot, Horseshoe

Fig Carrot Lean Meat Soup

Lean Meat, Carrot, Figs (dried)

Cordyceps, Hualien Seed and Yam Soup

Cordyceps Flower, South Almond, Figs (dried)

Bawang Flower Sea Coconut Pork Rib Soup

Overlord Flower, Sea Coconut, Ribs

Stewed Lean Meat Soup with Fig and Ginseng

Lean Meat, American Ginseng, Figs (dried)

Sydney Ginseng Ginseng Tea

Yali, American Ginseng, Raw Meat