South Almond recipes

Apricot, Fig, Tangerine Peel Soup

Ribs, Pork Tendon, South Almond

Coconut Almond and Sydney Soup

Figs (dried), Sea Coconut, South Almond

Cordyceps, Hualien Seed and Yam Soup

Cordyceps Flower, Lotus Seed, Yam

Cordyceps, Hualien Seed and Yam Soup

Cordyceps Flower, South Almond, Figs (dried)

Bawang Flower Sea Coconut Pork Rib Soup

Overlord Flower, Sea Coconut, Ribs

Almond Milk

South Almond, Glutinous Rice, Water

Stewed Lean Meat with Figs

Lean Meat, Fig, North Almond

South and North Apricot Lily Rock Sugar Sydney

Sydney, South Almond, North Almond

Mustard Almond Spinach

South Almond, Spinach, Black Fungus

Almond Tofu

South Almond, Crystal Sugar, Caster Sugar

Almond Tofu

South Almond, Agar, North Almond

Chuanbei Almond and Rock Sugar Stewed Sydney

South Almond, North Almond, Sichuan Fritillaria

Lily Almond Drink

Dried Lily, South Almond, Crystal Sugar

Handmade Almond Milk

North Almond, South Almond, Crystal Sugar

Sea Coconut Almond Stewed Pork Fan Bone

Pig Fan Bone, Sea Coconut, South Almond

Stewed Papaya with Tremella

Tremella, Papaya, North Almond