Beef and Vegetable Rice Ball

Beef and Vegetable Rice Ball

by Junjun D's mother

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Every time he cooks rice balls, the young master "appreciates his face" and eats a lot of rice balls. You don’t need to make them very small and too small. On the contrary, it is easy for the baby to swallow the rice ball directly.


Beef and Vegetable Rice Ball

1. 1. Red rice is a coarse grain, which is not easy to digest, so it needs to be soaked in advance. Babies under 18 months of age can omit red rice. The temperature is high in summer, if soaking the rice, it is best to put it in the refrigerator.

Beef and Vegetable Rice Ball recipe

2. 2. Wash it again and prepare the braised rice. The amount of water to be added to braised rice with miscellaneous grains will be more than usual for braised rice (because miscellaneous grains are more absorbent), and then simmered in an electric rice cooker.
While braising the rice, prepare the following ingredients

Beef and Vegetable Rice Ball recipe

3. 3. The ingredients can be according to the baby's taste, or put in vegetables that the baby does not like to eat

All vegetables are diced as small as possible. The beef is marinated with lemon slices for 10 minutes and minced.

Beef and Vegetable Rice Ball recipe

4. 4. After the cut carrots are almost cooked, add other side dishes and stir fry together.

Beef and Vegetable Rice Ball recipe

5. 5. After more than 20 minutes, the rice was almost simmered. After the rice is simmered, it is best to flip it over with a rice spoon to make the rice more sticky. Mix the rice and vegetables in a ratio of 1:1.

Beef and Vegetable Rice Ball recipe

6. 6. Take a small amount of rice in the fresh-keeping bag, and then twist it vigorously. It must be tightened so that the rice sticks together and becomes a rice ball. After minor repairs, the model will be changed to a very round shape.

Beef and Vegetable Rice Ball recipe

7. 7. Take the rice ball out of the fresh-keeping bag and a small rice ball is ready.

Beef and Vegetable Rice Ball recipe


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