Beer Duck

Beer Duck

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Beer duck ~ fragrant, fresh and delicious~"


Beer Duck

1. Permeate the duck to remove blood

Beer Duck recipe

2. Prepare clean water, add duck, and at the same time add shallots, ginger slices, pepper, and cooking wine to taste. Remove and wash 2-3 minutes after the water boils.

Beer Duck recipe

3. (1) Boil dry in a pot, add lard and vegetable oil. After the oil is warm, put in small pieces of hot pot seasoning and pepper, and stir-fry until the hot pot seasoning melts and fragrant. (2) Turn up the heat, add garlic granules and stir fry for about 30 seconds. Pour in the duck meat and stir fry. Add a little cooking wine and soy sauce until the duck meat is fragrant. Add a can of beer and add a little salt. (I use a small can of beer, about 500ml, the duck meat is tighter. If you want to eat softer, use more beer)

Beer Duck recipe

4. Reduce the heat to collect the sauce (after boiling in the pot, you can slightly reduce the heat to let the duck meat slowly soften)

Beer Duck recipe

5. Choose whether to add salt according to taste and add chopped green onion. If you like vinegar, you can put a little vinegar to make it more fragrant.

Beer Duck recipe


You can choose the amount of hot pot bottom material according to your own spicy habits.


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