Bitter Melon Pork

Bitter Melon Pork

by Jackey cat

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I also learned an easy-to-use method from the masters on TV. You can cook delicious roasted meat without putting oil, and it doesn’t feel greasy. Of course, the choice of meat and other ingredients is the key, and the meat should be selected. Plant pork belly with three layers and distinct levels. Since it is pork belly, there will definitely be a fat part. How can the fat in the fat part be consumed so that it won’t be greasy in your mouth? Let’s introduce two first. The method is to use a kind of oil-loving ingredients together to make, such as bitter gourd, eggplant, potatoes and other ingredients. The second is to stir-fry a part of the fat in the meat without adding oil when making it. Stewed it to let it spit out the fat further. The meat tastes soft and waxy and not greasy. At the same time, the bitter gourd absorbs the essence of pork belly and is also soft and waxy. It is delicious. A good way to ask everyone Share it together, just like the one you like, haha.


Bitter Melon Pork

1. Wash the bitter gourd to remove the flesh, choose lean pork belly

Bitter Melon Pork recipe

2. Put the pork belly cut into small pieces into the pot without any oil

Bitter Melon Pork recipe

3. Stir on medium and low heat until the color changes, add appropriate amount of sugar, continue to stir until it turns yellow, and spit oil

Bitter Melon Pork recipe

4. Then put the scallion, ginger, garlic and spices into the pot and fry the aroma. Be patient in this process.

Bitter Melon Pork recipe

5. Dip and sprinkle cooking wine along the side of the pot

Bitter Melon Pork recipe

6. Add appropriate amount of salt, taste very fresh, soy sauce, etc., stir fry to evenly color

Bitter Melon Pork recipe

7. Add the right amount of boiling water and bring to a boil

Bitter Melon Pork recipe

8. Then transfer to the pressure cooker, and put the bitter gourd pieces together and simmer for 10-15 minutes. This time depends on the specific situation at home, and cannot be generalized.

Bitter Melon Pork recipe

9. After simmering, pour them back into the pot, collect the juice on high heat, and add the green onions, and it will be out of the pot.

Bitter Melon Pork recipe


When sautéing meat, the fire should not be too high. Be patient and let the medium-to-small fire slowly stir thoroughly.


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