Black Pepper Beef Cubes

Black Pepper Beef Cubes

by Sweet talk

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Beef is one of the meat foods. China's per capita beef consumption is second only to pork. Beef has high protein content and low fat content and is delicious. It also contains zinc and magnesium, an antioxidant that helps synthesize protein and promote muscle growth. Zinc works with glutamate and vitamin B6 to strengthen the immune system. Magnesium supports the synthesis of protein, enhances muscle strength, and more importantly, improves the efficiency of insulin synthesis and metabolism.

Black Pepper Beef Cubes

1. Cut the beef into long cubes, then add sugar, salt, white pepper, and a little water to mix, and then grab it with your hands.

Black Pepper Beef Cubes recipe

2. In addition, heat the oil in the oil pan, wait until the oil is 70% hot, and then put the beef cubes in

Black Pepper Beef Cubes recipe

3. Fry until the outer layer is crispy and scoop it up

Black Pepper Beef Cubes recipe

4. Stir the garlic in the wok first, then add the right amount of water

Black Pepper Beef Cubes recipe

5. Add the dark soy sauce, light soy sauce, black pepper, oyster sauce, and sugar in turn

Black Pepper Beef Cubes recipe

6. Stir well again

Black Pepper Beef Cubes recipe

7. Then add the fried beef

Black Pepper Beef Cubes recipe

8. Stir fry for a while on medium heat

Black Pepper Beef Cubes recipe

9. So that the sauce is thick and ready to be out of the pot

Black Pepper Beef Cubes recipe


1. When frying beef cubes, the oil temperature must be high enough to get a crispy shell;
2. If you choose beef for this dish, you usually choose tenderloin first, followed by sirloin.


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