Boiled Beef

Boiled Beef

by Worry about the river

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I tried this dish seven times, watched a lot of recipes and videos, and then consolidated it a few times before I dared to show my ugliness.


Boiled Beef

1. Wash the beef slightly, slice it, wash it carefully, put it in a container, add salt, white pepper, light soy sauce, cooking wine, baking soda powder, and dry starch, stir well, then add rapeseed oil, stir, and marinate for 20 minutes. (⚠There must be more starch. Adding oil is to prevent the meat from sticking). I forgot to take the picture of the meat.

Boiled Beef recipe

2. While marinating the meat slices, cut the dried chili into small sections, and stir-fry with the pepper and sesame pepper until cockroach-colored, chopped and set aside. It is a knife-edge chili (⚠A mashed garlic jar is also OK)

Boiled Beef recipe

3. Wash the garnish and cut into sections for later use. Cut the chopped green onion, minced ginger, and minced garlic for later use. Add rapeseed oil to the pot, stir-fry the Pixian bean paste with low heat, add some minced garlic (part of) ginger and fry until fragrant, add tempeh and stir-fry slightly (⚠stir-fried tempeh will be bitter, so add some The hot pot base is also good)

Boiled Beef recipe

4. Add appropriate amount of water to boil, add a little light soy sauce, sugar, white pepper (⚠not too much water, otherwise it will become a soup dish, this dish can not be used in soup, it is dry)

Boiled Beef recipe

5. Add the side dishes and cook them, and put them in the bottom of the bowl

Boiled Beef recipe

6. Add the meat slices, blanch them and add the chicken essence to serve (⚠There should be no soup in the pot, only starch paste, if there is soup, there is more water, beginners can try to thicken the water if there is more water, and add water when it is dry)

Boiled Beef recipe

7. Just out of the pot

Boiled Beef recipe

8. The knife-edge pepper is underneath, followed by the minced garlic and green onion, and the rapeseed oil is heated and poured in. Friends who are interested can pour the oil in three times, called "three points of water" (⚠Pay attention to the oil temperature, because the knife-edge pepper has been fried, such as If the oil temperature is too high, the chili will be mushy)

Boiled Beef recipe

9. Stir it up before eating, it must be served with rice

Boiled Beef recipe


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