Boiled Instant Noodles

Boiled Instant Noodles

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For this instant noodles, I didn't want the seasoning in it, and I wanted to eat it lightly, so the seasoning is for the homemade ones. As for the side dishes, you can serve whatever you have at home.


Boiled Instant Noodles

1. Materials ready

Boiled Instant Noodles recipe

2. Put water in the pot and boil, the vegetable roots are boiled first, add some lard

Boiled Instant Noodles recipe

3. Add some salt

Boiled Instant Noodles recipe

4. Add the instant noodles and meat slices to cook

Boiled Instant Noodles recipe

5. Put the leaves in and cook for 3-5 minutes, and add some MSG at the end.

Boiled Instant Noodles recipe

6. Sprinkle the green onions, add the sliced corn dog, and start eating.

Boiled Instant Noodles recipe


The instant noodles have a bit of salty taste, so you can control it yourself when you put salt.


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