Bone Soup Hot Pot

Bone Soup Hot Pot

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It is a good choice to cook hot pot when you are lazy. All the ingredients are put into the pot, boiled and boiled, you can pick up the dipping sauce and eat, and you don’t need to wash so many pots and pans. It’s better in winter. , The steaming hot pot keeps the family’s meals warm.


Bone Soup Hot Pot

1. Pour the ginger and garlic into the soy sauce, sesame oil, and balsamic vinegar and mix well to make a ginger-garlic dipping bowl. Wash and chop coriander, pour soy sauce and sesame oil into a coriander dipping bowl

Bone Soup Hot Pot recipe

2. Wash tofu skin and shred

Bone Soup Hot Pot recipe

3. Steamed handmade pork balls (meat can be matched according to your own preferences, less sweating in winter and early spring, easy to accumulate fat, so you don’t eat too much meat)

Bone Soup Hot Pot recipe

4. Wash and drain lettuce

Bone Soup Hot Pot recipe

5. Wash tofu and cut into thick slices

Bone Soup Hot Pot recipe

6. Sweet potato vermicelli soaked softly

Bone Soup Hot Pot recipe

7. Peel and wash yam, cut into thick slices

Bone Soup Hot Pot recipe

8. Peel the white radish and shred into silk. All the side dishes are properly prepared and put aside for later use

Bone Soup Hot Pot recipe

9. Pour the boiled pork rib soup into the electric hot pot, turn on the power, select the maximum heat, add the washed goji berries, cover the pot, and boil again

Bone Soup Hot Pot recipe

10. Pour the yam, the pork balls and the boiled ones, put them in the pot first

Bone Soup Hot Pot recipe

11. Add sweet potato vermicelli, tofu, shredded radish, and tofu skin

Bone Soup Hot Pot recipe

12. Cover the pot and cook for a while, add the lettuce and boil it. After the ingredients are cooked, reduce the heat to a low heat, and eat as you cook.

Bone Soup Hot Pot recipe


The hot pot dipping material can be mixed at will, add the seasoning according to your preference, the sweet potato vermicelli should be soaked for about 15 minutes in advance, put it in the electric hot pot and cook for a while, you can eat it as much as possible. Add the broth again to the moisture in the medium. People can only enjoy hot pot when they eat more. You can prepare more vegetables and meat dishes. You can also prepare a few kinds of dipping sauces.


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