Braised Crucian Carp

Braised Crucian Carp

by Sister Rabbit's Late Night Canteen

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The memory of the delicious crucian carp is that when I was very young, when it rained at my grandmother’s house in the countryside, I would follow my uncle or the older children next door to the Tiangou ditch and put the bamboo basket to catch the crucian. Kung fu can catch a full basket. The heavy rain soaks the small floral quilted jacket. It is only shivering in the cold, but still happily jumping home like a deer. Grandma never beats and scolds me at this time. I just scolded my uncle, he was actually just an older child at that time) He would only dry my hair and put on dry clothes, and then make us braised crucian carp and crucian carp in milk soup...that kind of happiness. Now I still remember it! "


Braised Crucian Carp

1. All the ingredients are processed and ready for use

Braised Crucian Carp recipe

2. Bring to the pot on the fire, pour in the salad oil, fry the fish in the hot oil pan, fry on one side until slightly yellow, then turn over and fry

Braised Crucian Carp recipe

3. Fry the other side until slightly yellow and turn off to medium heat. Place the ginger, chili rings and garlic leaf roots on both sides of the carp, then add soy sauce, sugar, and pour in a bowl of Shaoxing old wine, then add a bowl of boiling water, high heat Bring to a boil and then cover the pot and close to medium heat

Braised Crucian Carp recipe

4. When the juice is half received, open the lid to remove the burnt garlic leaves. This action is only to make the dishes more beautiful

Braised Crucian Carp recipe

5. Re-add green onions, garlic leaves, and peppers, turn on high heat to slightly accept the juice and turn off the heat to serve. Before serving, use chopsticks to sort out the red, red, green and green in the bottom plate 😜

Braised Crucian Carp recipe

6. Isn’t it beautiful? A braised dish is unsuccessful, is it delicious? Look at two points, 1: the soup should be thick, 2: the oil and water will not separate, do you see the taste? 😜

Braised Crucian Carp recipe


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