Braised Crucian Carp

Braised Crucian Carp

by Please call me Mrs. Pig

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Braised Crucian Carp

1. Clean the crucian carp for use! The head and tail were removed because the thumb was deeply pierced by a fish bone during the treatment, and it bleeds. My husband was very angry and chopped off the fish head! 😓

Braised Crucian Carp recipe

2. Soy sauce cooking wine vinegar has been adjusted, use the following spoon!

Braised Crucian Carp recipe

3. Put a little more oil in the pan, put a proper amount of salt, and fry the fish on both sides! If you don't want to stick to the pan, heat the oil very hot so that the fish will not be broken if you put it in! Put the salt in advance to prevent the oil from spilling out! Fry until slightly yellow on both sides, remove and set aside!

Braised Crucian Carp recipe

4. Leave less oil in the pot and fry the green onion, ginger and garlic!

Braised Crucian Carp recipe

5. Put in the fish and sauce! One more teaspoon of sugar

Braised Crucian Carp recipe

6. Pour 2 small bowls of water! Almost half of the fish! Tear off the pepper and put it in! Bring to a boil and turn to medium and low heat and cook for 5 minutes! Turn over halfway!

Braised Crucian Carp recipe

7. Sprinkle the scallions on before serving! Collect the juice on the fire and enjoy it out of the pot!

Braised Crucian Carp recipe


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