Braised Rabbit Meat

Braised Rabbit Meat

by maowo88

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Rabbit meat is high-protein, low-fat, and low-cholesterol meat. The content of rabbit meat is as high as 70% protein, which is higher than ordinary meat, but the fat and cholesterol content is lower than that of all meats. "In the prime" argument.


Braised Rabbit Meat

1. 2 rabbit legs, chopped into pieces

Braised Rabbit Meat recipe

2. Prepare spices for use

Braised Rabbit Meat recipe

3. Soak the rabbit meat in pepper water and blanch it together with the pepper

Braised Rabbit Meat recipe

4. Add a little oil to the pot

Braised Rabbit Meat recipe

5. Stir-fry the rabbit meat, stir-fry evenly, then stir-fry the secret braised sauce, ginger, dark soy sauce and rock sugar

Braised Rabbit Meat recipe

6. Add enough water to the pot at one time. After boiling, put the pepper, star anise cloves, etc. into the strainer, and put the strainer into the pot together

Braised Rabbit Meat recipe

7. Simmer for 2 hours

Braised Rabbit Meat recipe

8. After simmering until there is little water, take out the strainer, stir-fry over high heat to collect the juice, and serve

Braised Rabbit Meat recipe


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