Tangerine Bunny Ding

Tangerine Bunny Ding

by Luo Shengtang

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The taste of tangerine peel is a relatively unique and rare flavor in Sichuan cuisine. This is a cold dish with a strong aroma of tangerine peel and a slightly sweet aftertaste. Although it is a cold dish, it requires the process of processing hot dishes. It is not difficult to master. A few key points are enough.


Tangerine Bunny Ding

1. The main raw materials and seasonings, whole rabbits can also be used. I bought three rabbit legs to save trouble.

2. Soak the tangerine peel in cold water

3. The rabbit leg is boned and cut into large dices, about three to four centimeters in size.

Tangerine Bunny Ding recipe

4. Cut green onion into sections, slice ginger, and just take a photo of garlic

5. Sit in the hot oil at Qicheng, prepare to fry the rabbit cubes

6. Place the rabbit cubes, be careful of being splashed, because the rabbit meat is more watery, it is best to cover the pot first, wait for half a minute and then open the lid and stir it with chopsticks to prevent it from sticking.

Tangerine Bunny Ding recipe

7. Fry it on medium heat, fry it into golden brown and get out of the pot

8. Put the oil in the pot and heat the pepper and dried chili in 30-40% heat. It is best to remove the seeds of dried chili so that it will not be too spicy

9. After frying the chili twice, quickly put the soaked tangerine peel, stir-fry until the chili and Chinese pepper turn brown and the tangerine peel tastes out, then add the green onion, ginger and garlic, and stir-fry a few times to get the aroma.

Tangerine Bunny Ding recipe

10. Put the diced rabbit, add soy sauce, rice wine, salt, sugar, and then add water or soup. It is enough to submerge the diced rabbit, because we have to cook it for a while, and cover it with a small fire.

11. It takes about 20 minutes to half an hour to cook until the soup is dry. Almost only oil is enough. Picture 11 shows the state of the soup when it dries quickly.

12. At the end of the soup, it’s okay to close the heat, only the oil is left, and then some vinegar and sesame oil will be out of the pot. Let it cool for a while and you can eat it.

Tangerine Bunny Ding recipe
Tangerine Bunny Ding recipe
Tangerine Bunny Ding recipe
Tangerine Bunny Ding recipe


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