Cantonese Claypot Rice

Cantonese Claypot Rice

by Xiao Chener

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When I was young, when the farmer was busy, I couldn't spare someone at home to prepare lunch carefully, so I had to use this convenient and quick method. This delicacy has also become part of the memory of the hour.


Cantonese Claypot Rice

1. Prepare the ingredients, Chinese sausage, shiitake mushrooms, green vegetables, tangerine peel, rice

Cantonese Claypot Rice recipe

2. Soak the rice in water for 2 hours, dice the green onion, dice the sausage, soak the mushrooms in warm water for a while, soak the tangerine peel in warm water and dice.

Cantonese Claypot Rice recipe

3. Boil the water, add oil and salt, and boil the vegetables in the water (it doesn't take too long) to pick up and set aside. Cook the dried tangerine peel and the rice together, then turn to low heat after 8 minutes. Put the mushrooms and sausages into the pot, cover and simmer for 5 minutes.

Cantonese Claypot Rice recipe

4. In the process of braising rice, prepare the sauce, half a spoonful of sugar, one spoonful of soy sauce, one spoonful of oyster sauce, and two spoonfuls of water. Stir well.

Cantonese Claypot Rice recipe

5. Lay the eggs (use duck eggs for better taste), cover and simmer for 5 minutes, put the freshly blanched vegetables on the sauce, sprinkle with chopped green onion. You can start eating.

Cantonese Claypot Rice recipe

6. In the process, I made a small video. If you are interested, you can ask me for it.


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