Carob Pork Dumplings

Carob Pork Dumplings

by Lin Binger

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I have been dealing with the recent dinners a lot. If the child doesn’t eat, I just cook something. Sometimes he will eat some more if he looks pleasing to the eye. I will make some dumplings and freeze them in the refrigerator during the weekend. Workdays are very easy. The most important thing is that one day when he picks up the child and comes home from school, he tells me that mom, you can stir-fry the long beans, and cut it into the kindergarten. It is very delicious. Okay. This requirement is not difficult at all. Buy one on the way, and let’s wrap it in dumplings, so that we have all the meat and vegetables, and it’s enough for one meal.


Carob Pork Dumplings

1. Chop the pork, add ginger and garlic, chop finely and put it in a bowl

Carob Pork Dumplings recipe

2. Add the above seasonings to the minced meat and mix well

Carob Pork Dumplings recipe

3. Put oil in the pan and sauté the minced garlic

Carob Pork Dumplings recipe

4. Add the washed and chopped long beans, add salt and fry until they are broken

Carob Pork Dumplings recipe

5. Add the fried long beans to the minced meat and mix well

Carob Pork Dumplings recipe

6. Put stuffing in the dumpling wrapper

Carob Pork Dumplings recipe

7. wrap up

Carob Pork Dumplings recipe

8. Put water in the pot, add a little salt to boil, add the dumplings and cook.

Carob Pork Dumplings recipe


1. The pork is fat and lean with Panax notoginseng, which tastes good
2. I like to put the ginger and garlic into the minced meat and chop together, so that the meaty smell is less and fragrant
3. The long beans must be fried and discolored and then mixed into the meat filling, so that it will not taste stale


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