Carrot Braised Rice

Carrot Braised Rice

by Beans

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The braised rice that comes out of a pot is just a favorite. The dishes and meat are all done. This pot of stewed rice is so delicious that it is full of aftertaste.


Carrot Braised Rice

1. Prepare the materials

Carrot Braised Rice recipe

2. Cut cabbage into small pieces, pork into small pieces

Carrot Braised Rice recipe

3. Peel and shred carrots

Carrot Braised Rice recipe

4. Add a little oil to the pan and heat it up. After washing the rice, pour it into the pan and stir-fry until it is slightly browned.

Carrot Braised Rice recipe

5. Transfer the rice to a casserole, add appropriate amount of water and simmer for a while

Carrot Braised Rice recipe

6. While simmering the rice, heat up the wok, add pork and stir to make the oil, add soy sauce and oyster sauce and stir well

Carrot Braised Rice recipe

7. Add carrots and cabbage and stir-fry until soft, season with salt

Carrot Braised Rice recipe

8. The rice is simmered until no water is visible. Spread the fried carrots and cabbage on the rice and simmer for 10 minutes.

Carrot Braised Rice recipe

9. Smell a slightly burnt smell, there may be rice crackers. Finally, mix the food well and sprinkle with chopped green onion.

Carrot Braised Rice recipe


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