Carrot Omelette

Carrot Omelette

by Feifei 2005

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Carrots are rich in nutrients, but my kids don’t like them. I didn’t expect the little guys to like them when they are used to make pancakes. I talked about them in my ears. So I made them for breakfast. I added eggs, chives and sesame seeds. Fragrant, try it if you like it.


Carrot Omelette

1. Prepare radishes, eggs, flour and green onions

Carrot Omelette recipe

2. Wash the carrots and shred them

Carrot Omelette recipe

3. Add flour to the basin

Carrot Omelette recipe

4. Add eggs and chopped green onions

Carrot Omelette recipe

5. Add carrot shreds

Carrot Omelette recipe

6. Add salt, five spice powder, chicken essence and water to make a batter

Carrot Omelette recipe

7. Electric baking pan

Carrot Omelette recipe

8. Pour the batter

Carrot Omelette recipe

9. Sprinkle with sesame seeds

Carrot Omelette recipe

10. Cover the double-sided frying

Carrot Omelette recipe

11. Open in two minutes

Carrot Omelette recipe

12. Take out the cut

Carrot Omelette recipe


1. The batter should not be too thin, otherwise the cake will be too soft;
2. With the addition of five-spice powder and sesame, the cake is more fragrant.


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