Casserole Tofu Fish Head Soup

Casserole Tofu Fish Head Soup

by Zhou Tai Liang Soup

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The combination of fish head and tofu:
1. Fish head is rich in colloidal protein, low in fat and calories. It has the effect of invigorating the spleen and replenishing qi, warming the stomach, and beautifying the skin.
2. Tofu is rich in protein and calcium, and has the effects of clearing heat and moisturizing dryness, promoting body fluid and detoxification, and lowering blood lipids. Tofu contains phytoestrogens, which can protect vascular endothelial cells from oxidative damage. Regular eating can reduce the destruction of the vascular system and prevent the occurrence of osteoporosis, breast cancer and prostate cancer. It is the protector of menopausal women and is rich in soybean lecithin. It is beneficial to the development and growth of nerves, blood vessels, and brain. Soy protein can reduce blood lipids, protect vascular cells, and prevent cardiovascular diseases. In addition, tofu has many benefits for post-ill care, weight loss, and beauty.


Casserole Tofu Fish Head Soup

1. Silver carp head, clean the gills, cut in half, drain, or use kitchen paper to soak up the water

Casserole Tofu Fish Head Soup recipe

2. After the pan is heated, you can wipe the bottom of the pan with ginger slices, and then pour the oil to avoid sticking to the pan when frying the fish, and fry the fish head until both sides become yellow.

Casserole Tofu Fish Head Soup recipe

3. Wash the old tofu and cut into pieces, wash the fungus after soaking, slice the carrots and place in a casserole

Casserole Tofu Fish Head Soup recipe

4. Place the fried fish head on top of the ingredients

Casserole Tofu Fish Head Soup recipe

5. Pour the rice wine and water, bring to a boil on high heat, change to medium and low heat, and cook for about 25 minutes

Casserole Tofu Fish Head Soup recipe

6. When the soup becomes white, add salt to taste

Casserole Tofu Fish Head Soup recipe

7. Finally, sprinkle chopped green onion and serve

Casserole Tofu Fish Head Soup recipe

8. The soup becomes milky white, and the old tofu is slow-cooked in the fish soup for more than half an hour. It is very delicious. With the unique aroma of beans, it has a good texture. The best thing to drink is the fish soup. It is fresh and delicious, with a rich fish taste. , Those who like to eat fish head, definitely love it.

Casserole Tofu Fish Head Soup recipe


The fish head must be fried thoroughly so that the soup will turn white and be more delicious. Come to a casserole in winter and feel warm.
[Notes]: Although tofu and tofu products are rich in protein, they are not for everyone. It is precisely because tofu is rich in protein, it will cause a burden for patients with low kidney function, and tofu contains purine substances. Therefore, it is best not to eat tofu and other soy products for patients with gastritis, gout, diabetes, and kidney disease.


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