Chengdu Bell Dumplings

Chengdu Bell Dumplings

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Zhongshui dumplings are one of the famous traditional snacks of the Han nationality in Chengdu, Sichuan Province. Beginning in the 19th year of Guangxu, the founder Zhong Shaobai, the original store was called "Xie Senmao", and in 1931 the sign of "Litchi Lane Zhong Shui Dumplings" began to be hung. Known at home and abroad for its unique flavor, it has been awarded the titles of "Chinese Time-honored Brand", "Chinese Famous Snacks" and "Green Catering Enterprise" by the Ministry of Internal Trade of China, the Chinese Cooking Association, and the National Catering Green Engineering Committee. In terms of materials, the main difference between boiled dumplings and northern boiled dumplings is that they are all filled with pork and no other fresh vegetables are added. When served, they are topped with special red oil, which is slightly sweet and salty, both spicy and unique. The dumplings have a sweet taste.

Chengdu Bell Dumplings

1. Prepare the ingredients: minced pork, dumpling wrappers (I bought them, so I can make them myself if I don’t think it is too much trouble)

Chengdu Bell Dumplings recipe

2. Minced ginger and chopped green onion

Chengdu Bell Dumplings recipe

3. Add ginger, 2g salt, white pepper, light soy sauce, chicken essence, corn oil (if the minced meat is fat, don't put it), cornstarch in the minced meat

Chengdu Bell Dumplings recipe

4. Stir in one direction, and add water (about 40g) in multiple times, and stir vigorously.

Chengdu Bell Dumplings recipe

5. Add chopped green onion before wrapping and mix well

Chengdu Bell Dumplings recipe

6. Making dumpling seasoning: garlic paste, copy soy sauce, chili oil and pepper oil, mix thoroughly and set aside copy soy sauce method:

Chengdu Bell Dumplings recipe

7. Start making dumplings, take a piece of dumpling wrapper, put in the stuffing, apply some water to the edge of the dumpling wrapper to increase the viscosity

Chengdu Bell Dumplings recipe

8. Fold the dumplings in half and squeeze the middle tightly

Chengdu Bell Dumplings recipe

9. Pinch the two sides tightly, so that you don’t show the stuffing.

Chengdu Bell Dumplings recipe

10. Wrap everything in order and wait for the pot

Chengdu Bell Dumplings recipe

11. Pour half a pot of water into the pot, add 2g of salt after the water is boiled

Chengdu Bell Dumplings recipe

12. Add the dumplings (don't put too much at a time), add some cold water and cook after boiling, repeat this three times. After removing it, put the seasoning in step 6 according to your own taste, or you can eat it with the seasoning!

Chengdu Bell Dumplings recipe


1. The minced meat is best to be three-part fat and seven-part lean, which has the best taste
2. The dumpling method of Zhong Shui Dumpling is very simple, just close the skin and squeeze it tightly.
3. After the dumplings are placed in the pot, it is best to gently shake the pot to prevent the pot from sticking.


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