Chicken Curry

Chicken Curry

by Xiweiyang

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The feeling of being stewed in the northeast cauldron


Chicken Curry

1. Wash potatoes, carrots and onions, cut into pieces and set aside

Chicken Curry recipe

2. Wash the chicken nuggets, let the water pass, remove the buoys (I didn't take pictures in this step), start a fire, heat the oil, and fry the chicken nuggets for two to three minutes.

Chicken Curry recipe

3. Add the greens, add salt and continue to fry for two minutes.

Chicken Curry recipe

4. It is better to add water to the ingredients.

Chicken Curry recipe

5. After the water boils, add the curry cubes and stir slowly until the curry cubes melt.

Chicken Curry recipe

6. Slowly simmer for eight to ten minutes. You can try to see if the ingredients are cooked. During this time, keep stirring the curry soup and be careful of sticking to the pot.

Chicken Curry recipe

7. Just sauce purple.

Chicken Curry recipe


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