Saozi Noodles

Saozi Noodles

by lin leisurely

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In Shaanxi, when it comes to smashed noodles, it is generally regarded as Qishan smashed noodles. This is a traditional noodles, Xifu snacks, and Qishan’s recipes are the most authentic.
Today I am sharing a family recipe. I made my own meat strudel with white tofu, black fungus, red carrots, yellow egg skins, and green leeks. The soup is sour, spicy and fragrant. It is both beautiful and delicious.
Jinlongyuyou+active fermented hollow noodles are fermented with active yeast. During the fermentation process, a lot of pores will be formed to form hollows. Therefore, this noodle is particularly absorbent and tastes more delicious. When making noodle soup, you need more soup.


Saozi Noodles

1. The ingredients are prepared, and the black fungus is soaked in warm water.

Saozi Noodles recipe

2. Cut the pork into small slices and set aside.

Saozi Noodles recipe

3. Heat oil in a wok and stir-fry the pork slices over medium-low heat.

Saozi Noodles recipe

4. Stir-fry until the meat changes color, adjust the fragrant thirteen and continue to fry.

Saozi Noodles recipe

5. Stir-fry until the moisture in the meat evaporates, adjust the light soy sauce and dark soy sauce, add all the vinegar to a boil on medium heat, then turn to a low heat and simmer.

Saozi Noodles recipe

6. When the meat 9 is mature, add the appropriate amount of salt and chili noodles, mix well and continue to low heat until the meat is cooked.

Saozi Noodles recipe

7. Add salt and beat the eggs, then pour them into a greased pan and bake them into omelets.

Saozi Noodles recipe

8. Cut potatoes, carrots, and tofu into cubes, cut the soaked black fungus into small pieces, cut the leeks into small pieces, and cut the egg cake into diamond-shaped pieces.

Saozi Noodles recipe

9. Heat a little oil in a pan, add tofu, carrots, and diced potatoes and fry them until the color changes and is ready.

Saozi Noodles recipe

10. Add appropriate amount of boiled water to the prepared meat strudel, stir-fry the vegetables, and the fungus together until cooked.

Saozi Noodles recipe

11. Finally, put in the omelette and chives.

Saozi Noodles recipe

12. Boil water in the soup pot. After the water is boiled, add the arowana active fermented hollow noodles and cook them out, and pour the cooked simmered broth.

Saozi Noodles recipe


In fact, in my hometown, people especially like to eat fermented noodles. The fermented noodles handed down from the older generations are easy to digest and good for the stomach, which also deeply affects young people.


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