Cold Chicken Shreds

Cold Chicken Shreds

by tgcyy

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Every Chinese New Year, my family always burns a few chickens. I like chicken thighs and chicken necks the most, except for large pieces of chicken breast. My mother will use the leftover chicken breasts to make hot and sour cold chicken shreds, the fragrant oil chili, and the sour and appetizing old vinegar, so delicious!


Cold Chicken Shreds

1. raw material.

Cold Chicken Shreds recipe

2. Put salt, light soy sauce, old vinegar, oily chili, monosodium glutamate, sugar, and sesame oil in a bowl and mix well.

Cold Chicken Shreds recipe

3. Carrot shreds, cucumber shreds, chicken shreds, and chopped green onions are all put in a pot.

Cold Chicken Shreds recipe

4. Shred the chicken.

Cold Chicken Shreds recipe

5. Pour the bowl of juice on the ingredients, stir well when eating, sour and hot, very appetizing.

Cold Chicken Shreds recipe


You can also put some garlic paste, which tastes good.


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