Colorful Fried Rice

A nutritious breakfast, the beans, green peppers and chives are all picked from the vegetable field for less than two hours, very fresh







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How to Make It

1. Ready rice
2. Wash other materials
3. Dice the beans, shred the pepper, mince the ginger, and chopped the chives
4. Beat the eggs into a large bowl, add a little water, add salt and a few drops of light soy sauce
5. Heat oil in a pan, pour the egg mixture, stir fry quickly until cooked, use a spatula to cut into pieces of egg, serve
6. Heat the pan and pour the beans
7. Add cayenne pepper
8. Add salt, fry until cooked, add a little water, cover and cook until cooked
9. Sheng out
10. Heat oil in pan, add ginger and sauté
11. Add rice, crush the lumpy rice noodles
12. Add salt and light soy sauce
13. Stir-fry until the color is even
14. Add minced eggs and beans, etc.
15. Add chives
16. Stir it well and it's ready
The lumpy rice must be stir-fried so that the color of the fried rice is even.